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Novels Under Development    (all covers are concept only)


Into the Blue

ISBN   978-0- tba

Jacob finds a rock on the hillside that he had not noticed before. Upon it a depression of a smooth weathered handprint was visible on its surface. Placing his hand inside he is suddenly transported to another time and space, while Orin is now trapped on earth. Worse, Orin discovers everyone can now see him. He was the reason the eighteenth centry expanded so fast is due to Orin's anonymous input and many famous people of that time owed their 'discoveries' to him.


But elsewhere, Jacob is accused of killing the traveller and is imprisoned to be tried. Freed under companion arrest to prepare a defence, he is assisted by Orin's wife Kali. They discover the Sarlee are afraid of the concept of free will, and with help find that there used to be an ancient text of law that had been put away 900 years before. He convinces the council to retrieve it and read it and find why it was put away, for he believed the harsh rules now would be negated by the writings.


But the text actually has another surprise. 

No Second Chance

ISBN   978-0-0000000-0-0

In the Amazon forest, before Europeans ever knew it existed, a story unfolds where one young boy seeks to find where the sun goes to sleep and so begins a journey that will take him thousands of weary miles over unfamiliar territory, filled with danger and trials.


Along the way he meets a girl, (don't we all), and is accused of killling her brother. He flees knowing there is one that will track him down for revenge - no matter how long that takes.


Along the way they meet other tribal group, both friendly and terrifying. Eventually crossing the huge mountain divide, and meeting the strange desert people, he arrives alone at the sea where the sun goes down to sleep. But on the sand he discovers his pursuer has finally caught up with him.


Yet the earth will never be the same, for what they see causes them to flee...



The Cursed Tree

ISBN   978-0-0000000-0-0

An odd title for a book about the mysterious Mary Celeste that was found abandoned in the Atlantic Ocean in 1872 with no trace of any crew - and none were ever found!


This is not an attempt to decipher the mystery, but rather to reveal it in a novel starting with the story behind why the ship was cursed. Illnesses and accidents continued to plague all the various owners of this ship. After being abandoned the ship was recovered but had other mishaps. Over 13 years the ship changed hands 17 times, and was finally scuttled by the last owner who never made a profit from her.


For the main mast of the Mary Celeste, (first named 'The Amazon'), was actually cut from an ancient but cursed tree used to hang witches upon in the sixteenth century Nantucket.


And everything makes sense from there on in.   





ISBN   978-0-0000000-0-0

The lives of 8 completely different people collide over a period of 88 minutes. Centred around a train crash in Wellington, New Zealand, this story opens up with sometimes funny and most revealing lives of people, one of which at least, we could easily indentify with.


Each character is covered in random order over each section of their journey from waking, breakfast, travel to the train, the journey, the accident and the aftermath.


For events like this reveal the human spirit and how tragedy brings the most unlikely of people together and changes them forever. And sceanrios like this might indeed happen.


This is still only in it's first stage as this book requires much effort to develop the characters correctly. Therefore I have not found it as fun or as flowing to write in one hit. But it will be worth it when completed. 


Mr Spritzer

ISBN   978-0-0000000-0-0

A lonely old man with a hidden ability to offer answers to anyone’s problems but is afraid of the very people he can help is a recluse. Libby and Tyler play in his back yard of the old walled garden at his house in Connecticut USA. He often chases them out but they still come back.


Finally Libby opens up a crack in his demeanor and fear and thereby begins a process of relationship where she solves problems on his behalf without the outside world knowing it is really he who is providing the information. She  predicts many events and even averts a major nationwide power crisis. But the attention goes to her head and she makes a prediction that costs a life when in fact she was wrong because she added her desires to the prediction.


Realizing that you can’t avert or change the future as all decisions are already made, she again talks to the wise old man as to why he is a recluse... (but you cannot change the future as all decisions are already made).



The Genesis Experiment

ISBN   978-0-0000000-0-0

In the beginning, there was a 7th day when a man was formed. This is a novel about the relationship between that man, his creator, and his surroundings. Current thinking and relationship toward or from God, regardless of your beliefs, can never be understood by the human brain in a world totally different from the one that existed back then. For at one time, the earth was pure, clean, and free of disease. It's ecosystem completely different to what we see and understand now. Fear did not exist, either from the man or from the animals toward the man.


Therefore, regardless of your beliefs, Adam is not one you can easily understand in our current existence, and while this is just a novel, I take greater care and responsibility with this one. For I wish to be sensitive toward the perfection of man and creation, than I have even with the completed 'Called to be King', or the still being written "Rescuer' which is a novel about the life of Jesus who was the second Adam.



Kill Arney

ISBN   978-0-0000000-0-0


My first attempt at humor. Ok, not my first attempt but at least my first comedy in a book.


Bill was on his first trip to Ireland. His family were originally from there and he was now on a business trip to setup connections for the whiskey business.


But there are factions in the alcohol trade and Mr Brogan hires a thug to deliver a message to a Mr Bill Arney to frighten him off while he's at Kilarney. During a misunderstanding over the phone, Phelan misinterprets the intent and embarks on a quest to kill Arney. He would chuckle at the thought of how ironic it was he'd be doing it at Kilarney.


From there the story unravels into a farsical series of events, that leaves both the hunter and the hunted confused and causes chaos while the Army get involved in the misbelief that a terrorist attack is about to take place at a historical location.  



About a Life

ISBN   978-0-0000000-0-0

In Babylon exists a scribe. But not just any scribe, for he is the head of the royal scribes and teacher of the masters of cuniform.


This story is about his life and how he sees the development of life under the great King Cyrus. Just an ordinary man who had risen up the ranks, yet is privileged to most royal secrets, we share his life and gain an insight into Persian life.


His travels to document conquests, meeting a Hebrew who defies the King and then becomes ruler, wars and rumours. This is his unique story.    


In concept only for a great deal of research is needed to finish this draft.


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