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In 2003 I was telling the story of a dream to someone. I must have been telling it well and with enthusiasm, because they said they could 'see' the story in my words. I was advised to write it down and turn it into a book. I told them I was not a writer as my skills in the finer use of English were not brilliant. But they advised me to 'just write it just as you told it.'


And that is what I did. I sat at my computer and started my first novel the way I saw it happening. So my books are written the way I see them in my head, as they come, and in the same manner I would tell you what I was seeing. If you are expecting a literary masterpiece that excites your intellect, my books are probably not for you. But if you like things you can understand easily, you will see some of what I see. I'm sure the more I write, the better I will become.


And if I can do it, so can you. However, writing is one thing; getting it out there is another. So I thank Ritchie Lewis for encouraging me to stop writing anything else until I actually published something. In less than three months I had 5 released but had started 6 more!. Well - that's just the way it is.


'A New Dawn' was my first started in 2003. 'Beneath the Threatening Skies' my fifth was begun in 2007. 'Called to be King' my eleventh was started in 2011 and 'Guardians of Fire' my fifteenth was started 2013 and finished within a few months. There are now some 33 ideas in various stages, but some will undoubtedly, never see the light of day.


There are an additional 12 in the New Dawn Series I have begun.


So as sales continue to grow I have learned that I am not just an unknown author, but an unknown unknown. What that means is; not only does no one know me, they don't even know they don't know me!  


I also enjoy biblical novels, because I wanted to understand or recreate the story behind the story. Along the way I completed a few spiritual teaching books as well. There is also an illustrated children's book 'Brewster the Rooster' from 2006 that still needs some help from an excellent cartoonist before it's ever released. If you are an illustrator, contact me now. To the left is a selection, in no particular order. To me - it is the creation not the completion of something that gives me a buzz. But to actually finish and publish something; that requires much discipline on my part. 


Over time I expect my style will fall into just one area. Meantime, if you like what I write, feel free to buy other books when they are released and experience whatever else I can present to you.


All comments are welcome as long as you understand I am not trying to be anyone I'm not, be compared to anyone, nor win a literary prize, for I just want people to enjoy what they read and hopefully learn something new about themselves, someone else or something new. 





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