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The Grace of Pain  (updated)

ISBN   978-0-9941032-1-5

There are many books on grace, and some are very good. But grace is not all roses, rays of sunshine and tweeting birds. Sometimes grace comes through hard times, with a purpose to build real men and women for a real purpose other than themselves. Those that run from hardship cannot be used in the Kingdom of God. Grace, for yourself and/or others, can often come through much pain and suffering. 'The Grace of Pain' will help you see that we go through things with an end purpose in mind - if we would but allow it to be completed. Joseph is one who suffered much, yet he unknowingly saved what would become a nation. Joseph trusted God through it all. Maybe your pain is for someone elses breakthrough? This book will focus on the pain and suffering all humans’ experience, and the Grace that is in all of that. So, if you are going through hard times and you have just picked up this book; maybe something in here will help you endure what you are going through as you begin to realize that pain can be good for us, build us up, make us stronger and ultimately may save someone else -  even if that process does hurt. 


"The Grace of Pain" is sure to bring about understanding, knowledge, and revelation to the reader to equip them in embracing pain along with grace; and, ultimately being humble enough to be used by God to help others. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  It has helped me tremendously in dealing my own painful issues ."  


Glenda C.  - Atlanta, Georgia

Tithing 10.1   (updated)

ISBN   978-0-9941032-2-2  


Tithing is a contentious issue for some Christians, yet is something both simple and incredibly releasing for others. One side say ‘legalism’ and the other side say ‘obedience’. But aside from the words, what is the motivation of giving or not giving a tithe or an offering. I maintain what is in your hand reveals your heart and that God is only interested in your heart. 


The tithes real purpose is to reveal the heart, and what or who owns it.


If you used to tithe and give less now, I’m going to say you may have stopped, not because of accuracy of scripture or legalism, but that you actually wanted to give less, even if you don’t know that’s what your heart was saying yet. God is interested in your heart more than anything else. So we have something that is restrictive and ‘under law’ for some, and yet for others something that both protects and gives complete freedom and joy. So what really is the dividing factor?


I challenge you to read this book and not have a change in your heart toward tithing. 

Rescuer - Revelation   ( Pt 1 of a trilogy )

ISBN   978-0-9941032-5-3

Jesus was conceived differently - but he was all man and experienced life the way we do. In this novel, you will see the man behind the mission, the mission behind the man, and how he felt and experienced most of what we do as ordinary human beings. 


In this novel you will also experience how his mind and heart developed toward an understanding of who he was and his understanding of his mission. You'll see his youth as one not much different to ours yet over scored by knowledge of a greatness yet to be thrust upon him.


All that is written about him accounts for just a few months of actual recorded time. But what about the rest of the two and a half years of ministry? This book fills the gaps between what we read in the Bible - giving you a wider understanding of who you may already know.  You'll see things in a different light


(Part 2) Rescuer - Rabbi  ...  (Part 3) Rescuer - Redeemer

The Greatest Faith

ISBN   978-0-0000000-0-0  


I was taught in school about evolution. Not a Christian then, my teacher had no answer for my questions. Theory was ignorantly introduced as fact and I saw through it, even as an 8 year old. I am in favor of evolution being taught in school as long as creationism is too. This is because intelligent people will discover what I did if both sides are presented equally. Yet Christians are laughed at for believing in creation, a fanciful notion that everything came from nothing..... from nothing!


Anyone see the irony yet? 


This book is not written to defend creation, for it is indeed a 'faith'. It is written to challenge evolution as it is taught and accepted with complete faith that it is true, even though it cannot be proved and there is no progressive evidence for it. People laugh at those who believe in a Creator, but I laugh harder at those who believe in evolution... 'because it is true' Read this book and you will laugh too, but don't get too serious about it.


For if we cannot laugh at ourselves or have fun back at those laughing at us, we are indeed in trouble.


One Cross

ISBN   978-0-0000000-0-0  


One cross and three nails. Four man-made things that came from the earth or grew in the earth. And Christ’s blood dripped to the earth and the earth responded with a great earthquake. And we were forgiven.


But there is much more to this. For forgiveness, mercy and grace, are separate yet one. Much like the nature of God.


Take grace. Most say it is unmerited favor. Really? Where does the Bible say that? Were you aware that Jesus never used the term 'grace'. Not even once... Yet Jesus is Grace.


What Jesus did talk about was about faith, mercy, forgiveness and love. So we will explore those things and also cover the true meaning of grace. For there is a type of hyper-grace that is filling Christendom as a reaction to a misconception of works. We will look at what forgiveness demands (demand is a word that will rile some), and how love flows out from that.

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