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                             THE NOVELS



Guardians of Fire
ISBN  978-0-9941032-0-8​


This novel is based around what little is known of the the Sentinelese who live on an inaccessible island in the Andaman Ocean only 25 miles from a modern settlement on South Andaman Island. Find out how they live and how they think in this story spanning 150 years. 


These natives have been living the same way for possibly ten thousand years and any outside human contact is dangerous to them. They believe in creation and spirits and have a simplistic way of life, so basic the have no real concept of time. They kill anyone who lands on their island if they survive the reef access which is dangerous in itself.  


This book is based on whatever scant information can be found from journals, books and from those who have visited in the eighteen hundreds and right up to the nineteen nineties when some limited but meaningful contact was made by an anthropologist. And I have discovered the actual name of this island while doing that research. 

With the death of John Chau in November 2018, we are now adding that event to a new update of this book out in 2019

A New Dawn    

ISBN​   978-0-9941032-3-9


A biological accident in a research city has caused the death of billions. This story follows the chaos that ensues as humanity tries to deal with the knowledge they will die within days. Yet once the planet is quiet, a few find they have survived and the story moves to the South Pacific where a small band of people in New Zealand struggle with circumstances they did not choose and a life that has changed forever.


How do they deal with life after the end of a technological age where everything was within easy reach? This band of unlikely people struggle with morality, leadership, birth, death, relationships and how to plan for the future of their childrens children, and the future of humanity as it now exists.


This book is about extreme challenge and how we can triumph in the face of hardship. It explores codes of behavior, belief in unity and the goodness of the human spirit.


For survival in this type of circumstance, exists on a very narrow line.

A New Death 

ISBN​   978-0-9941032-7-7


25 years on, five main groups of survivors meet in the centre of the country to embark on a journey into the unkown. For three ocean going yachts have been prepared to leave New Zealand for a journey to Australia to see who has survived 'the event', as they now refer to it. They leave behind groups who have survived some twenty years without modern convenience and children who know nothing of the previous modern world.


In Sydney they discover a well organised group in the city but are forced to flee when another bush fire forces them all to the coastal area of Bondi. After assisting them to relocate, they travel further up the coast where they encounter disorganised groups in an almost backward condition compared to their own. But at Brisbane itself they find a Japanese population, largely untouched by the first death. While there some of the locals become sick. The travellers are evicted so continue back down the country where it appears something worse that the first event is about to be unleashed.  


A new death now decimates those who thought they had survived the human race's worst disaster and pulls apart those that hoped to see their loved ones return.

ORIGIN    ( A Post-Apocalyptic Novel)


ORIGIN2  begins where 'A New Dawn' started - in Madison, Wisconsin. Survivors now live their lives in a world they never expected would appear. ORIGIN2 is the second story following from the catastrophe of the first book 'A New Dawn'. (A New Death was the sequel and continuing the lives of those in the very first book)


ORIGIN concentrates the story around the people and place where the outbreak first occurred, Madison Wisconsin. The slow death of a health and bio-tech city, rips apart the dignity of many and the state of the State...descends into chaos. The survivors head west, meet The Sioux and settle in the mountains of Colorado


If you like survival type apocalyptic novels, and have purchased 'A New Dawn' or 'A New Death' , and if you wish to be kept informed - keep an eye on my blog or send me an email via the contact page of this website. You can even suggest some plot if you wish.


I hope you enjoy these books as much as I enjoy writing them. 

NYC   ( A Post-Apocalyptic Novel) 

ISBN   978-0-0000000-0-0

Set in New York, this segment of the series involves characters from A New Dawn and Origin and it condusive to a city of 11 million in a confined space as they all accept their deaths within days. 


It is more violent, but is how a post-apocalyptic life would be in a country where suspicion is high, discontent is rife, and the right to carry arms is paramount. The action flows out from all three of those things.


Forced imprisonment, gun-battles, friendships won and lost, death of heroes, Army raids, a raid on West Point,'s all there along with the emotional pull of the need for freedom and liberty. Follow a group of disjointed New Yorkers as they battle to find a place to live without fear, for all all they want, is to survive in peace.


Would you handle what they did the same way? - for there is no right way to handle these events.

Called to be King

ISBN   978-0-9941032-4-6

We've all heard of David and Goliath. But whether you believe the Bible is irrelevant to the purpose of this novel.


This book takes the story as outlined in the Old Testament, and attempts to get inside the heart and soul of the one who became a King of Israel - the one mentioned in the lineage of Jesus himself.


Why was David so badly treated by his family? Why was he so courageous? Did the stone really kill Goliath? What was his attitude to women and why did he listen to some and not others? What was the dysfunction in his family all about? 

Why did he make so many mistakes and why did God still love and favor him?


This is the first in a series of insightful Biblical novels on various men mentioned in the Bible. 

Beneath the
Threatening Skies

ISBN   978-0-9941032-6-0

Before Europeans sailed to the shores of New Zealand there were others who disturbed the peaceful existence of the original peaceful inhabitants. Through violence and assimilation, a fragmented but dominant race of people met an overwhelming state of change as sailing ships full of white skinned people reached these shores.


This rather long novel was the second book I had written. It is based on historical fact and centers on the existence of a small group from a tribe who fled into an area we know as Fiordland. There they existed and protected a secret, although over time very few were entrusted with it.  This secret would challenge all who currently lay claim as the first inhabitants to this land.


As you read 'Beneath the Threatening Skies' (Threatening Skies being the Maori name of one of the Fiords of this story), you will learn more about the peoples of this small group of islands than you thought you knew. For many would deny the truths set out within what is still a novel but draws from recorded events as far back as 1793.  

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ISBN   978-0-0000000-0-0  

5th in the New Dawn series, this novel takes place in England, and 35 years after the event.  If the world were to die in a catastrophic event, survivors would find it very hard indeed. But fast forward 35 years, when there are no vehicles, drugs, fuel for motors, processed food or running water, life would be thrown back to the dark ages in a very short time.


And here is where we find survivors at risk from an Islamic uprising from the few disgruntled religious fanatics angry at finding their God does not exist. Their extreme ways before the outbreak continue in the same frightening and terror based ways. For the heart of somethign or someone...doesn't always change with time.


This novel has a medieval feel to it becuase in reality, a post-apocalyptic event would have society regress within a short space of time.

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